Window Seat

Since a couple of years ago, there was an awkwardly fast transition between summer and winter here in Perth. This meant that I haven't been able to bust out a lot of pieces for what was meant to be spring and autumn (read: cute cardigans that would either be too warm or too cold to wear, and capes/ponchos that don't cover enough skin to be reliably warm in winter). Included in that list would be these leather overalls.

As cute as they are, sometimes they are way too stuffy to wear when the sun in shining brightly. I was lucky enough this day that it was an overcast day with a bit rain to begin with, but once the afternoon rolled around, it was warm enough to show off my legs without sweltering on top.

Anyone who says climate change isn't a thing; they're wrong.

Dotti leather overalls / collared blouse / Nine West ankle boots / Lovisa necklace



  1. Super cute outfit! xx

    Olivia |

  2. Super cute outfit! xx

    Olivia |

  3. Love that lipstick on you!

    Hayley x

  4. in love with this look and the romper/overall; glad you're posting :)

    xo Jen |