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Lorac Pro Matte Palette - Review & Monolid Makeup Look

The Lorac Pro Matte Palette was one of the many addition made to my makeup collection while I visited the United States a couple of months ago. Lorac can be purchased from Sephora here in Australia, but Perth is currently lacking a brick and mortar store and I've heard too many horror stories about Luxola - I mean Online Sephora - to ever make a purchase from them.

What drew me to this palette was the fact that it was all matte. I prefer matte shades over shimmer because I find them much easier to wear during the day since I usually go overboard with my highlighter so shimmer eyeshadows can make me look like a disco ball. And how good does that burgundy colour look?

You can see that the two rows follow a light to dark pattern, with varying shades of brown. All the colours are more warm than cool, which is something to consider if you find that warmer tones don't work too well for you. What I love the most is how versatile all the shades are, so I can use it for both a simple day time look or a smokey night time look.

The palette itself is extremely thin, which is a feature Lorac palette seem to all have. This makes it super easy to travel with and will definitely be taken with me the next time I venture out of Perth.

Left to right: Bare, Latte, Corduroy, Chocolate

I found Bare to be quite patchy to apply and although it appears quite pigmented in the swatch, once applied on the eyelid takes a little while to build up colour. I use this one more as a base colour more than anything else because it's pretty similar to my own skin tone. You can see that Latte is a bit more powdery when swatched than the others, but still applies nicely on the skin. Corduroy and Chocolate are similar in colour, with Chocolate being a little darker than Corduroy, but the difference isn't obvious once applied.

Left to right: Linen, Pink Mauve, Burgundy, Jet Black

Minimal editing has been done on the above two photos as I tried to keep true to the colours that they appeared, but I still don't feel like I captured the true colour of Pink Mauve. It is definitely slightly more pink than it appears in the swatch above, but I would describe it as a brown-pink. Burgundy wasn't as red-based as I expected it to be, but it was more of a dark brown with slight red undertones.

Overall, the eyeshadows are quite powdery, with some much more so than others. Although I do most of the colour in this little palette, I wish that there was a shade between Latte and Chocolate, because I found that Corduroy was too close of a colour to Chocolate, and it would've been perfect if it was a little lighter. Also, if Burgundy was a touch more red, I think I would've loved it so much more as well. But at the end of the day, if you're after a super versatile palette that is easy to take with you every where, this is one that I would definitely recommend.

I thought I would end this post with a mini tutorial showing you how well the colour show up on my monolids.

Here I did a quick look with a few of the colours to achieve a daytime smokey look - something I don't wear very often. I started off with Bare as my base colour, and used Corduroy all over the lid, focusing on the outer corners and making a small winged shape. Then I used Burgundy to go over Corduroy to intensify the colour and smoke it out a little. To add a bit more depth I used Jet Black to emphasise the wing a little and put a bit of shadow only to the other corners. For my bottom, I smudged out Corduroy and then went over it with Jet Black to darken the colour closest to my waterline. Linen was also placed at my inner corners to highlight. Add a bit of eyeliner to your inner corners to carve out your eye shape, and mascara to both your top and bottom lashes.


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