Little Black Culottes

I'm not usually the sort of person that buys multiple colours of the same thing (with the exception of v-necks and cardigans), but I knew once I purchased my white culottes I knew that I had to own another pair in black as well. But being the petite (read: short as hell) person that I am, the perfect pair of culottes is hard to find in terms of inseam and length. So when I finally came across this pair that didn't drop too low at the crotch, or graze my ankles, it was love at first sight.

Culottes are definitely a staple in my wardrobe now due to how casual and chic they look with a pair of sneakers, but if I wanted to be comfortable and go out to a bar, I can throw on a pair of heels and bam, my fashionista level will skyrocket.

Forever 21 culottes / Topshop top / Adidas original Superstars / Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch



  1. You look amazing dear. The culottes can be hard sometimes to style. I love it how you styled it.
    Keep up inspiring and loved your blog.


  2. Culottes and Adidas sneakers are such a good combo! Love this

    Ashleigh x