Part II - Just Hold On We're Going Home

Day three, we said good morning to some cute cows staring at us blankly from the side of the road. I was adamant that we head west to Denmark, because I've seen so many beautiful photos of the place but there wasn't really anywhere that I wanted to go specifically. Once we got into town, we made a stop to a supermarket to replenish our supplies (i.e. coke for Jeff, and snacks for me). I also quickly searched "Things to do in Denmark," as a last ditch effort to find out what to do there with my limited internet.

Below is the picturesque place called Greens Pool. The water was even clearer than I remember it being in Albany, and the sand felt even softer under my feet. The sky reflecting off the ocean was also so, so blue that I couldn't believe what I was seeing was for real. Unfortunately, neither of us brought our swimming gear with us, but the water was freezing cold that I don't know if we would've been able to stand being in that water anyway.

There was also a sign next to Greens Pool directing us that to our left was Waterfall Beach. Now, who could pass up a name like that? I like waterfalls as much as the next person. Imagine our surprise when we found the "waterfall." You can see it in the second photo, and it was tiny! I'm a short person, but it was even shorter than I am. We were sure that fresh water was flowing from it though, and I really enjoyed the marbling effect the water made on the sand towards the ocean.

Next we went to the Valley of the Giants, home to the gloriously giant trees near Denmark. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Grandmother Willow in person as well.

At this point, it was getting quite late and we wanted to make it to Margaret River before sun down simply because I didn't want Jeff to be driving 110 km/hr in the dark. We managed to make it there at around 5PM, where we settled down and had a shower before heading off to dinner. This was also the one night I forget to bring my ID, and ask to be carded at a restaurant/bar. And that's the story of how I was denied a glass of prosecco with my dinner, and I made fun of Jeff - who was allowed some white wine - that it must've looked like he was dating someone underage. He wasn't happy.

The next morning we ate breakfast at a cafe I unfortunately can't remember the name of.

Then we filled the car back up with petrol and made our way north back to Perth.

But not before we visited a couple of wineries to taste what they had to offer. First we went to Leeuwin Estate, which I always remember as having a very beautiful venue. I wasn't disappointed, and proceeded to take many photos.

Next we went to Voyager Estate, only because I make it a point to visit this winery every time I come down to Margaret River because of it's beautiful gardens. We didn't taste any wine, but that wasn't the point of this detour.

Our last stop was The Watershed winery. I know, it seems like we were a bit rushed for time but that's because we were. Also because we couldn't risk drinking too much when we had a long drive home ahead.

After this, we finally turned to go home, and made it home in one piece. Of course, the rest of our adventure was spent mainly in the car so I have no awesome photos to show you guys from that.

I hope you enjoyed coming on this journey with me through my photos, and I'm looking forward to the next time I can share my travel stories with you.


10 Wardrobe Basics/Staples That Everyone Needs

Before I took better care of my wardrobe, I had a mish-mash of a lot of different clothes that I could only wear with only a select few others. Obviously, this wasn't very efficient because my wardrobe was overstuffed with too much, yet at the same time, too little. Times like this it's important to go back to the basics and rediscover the roots of your style. From here you can then branch out and continue building with a better foundation.

In this article, I narrowed my basics down to ten items that I feel like my wardrobe wouldn't be able to function without. One main criteria that an item has to fulfil is to answer one question, "Would I be able to wear this item in more than five outfits?" Answering this simple question will also help you to decide on which clothes and accessories are worth the splurge if you know it'll be an investment piece that is durable and versatile.

/1/ The T-Shirt

My staple shirt is a white v-neck, but don't feel limited to the colour or the cut. The beauty of the t-shirt is that you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion or the mood you are in. Usually they are made with a more light-weight material, which is why they are always my go-to when I'm in a lazy mood, or want to look good while running errands. Before choosing your staple t-shirt, think about how the fit will look with a pair of jeans, or a pencil skirt. Your ideal t-shirt should be able to hold it's shape, but also flowy enough to drape over your body without making you look boxy.

/2/ The Blouse

When you need something a little more mature and feminine than the t-shirt, a blouse is always the best option. I prefer my blouses to be very flowy, almost devoid of any shape. This is because my bottoms are always quite tight since I'm such a small person. However, if you don't have a signature style you find yourself donning constantly, I would recommend a tighter fit with a more structured fabric. Your blouse should be slightly longer at the back to cover your butt, with sleeves that are loose enough for you to be able to roll up in the event that it gets a little warmer.

The blouse is the opposite to the t-shirt, where instead of working around this item to dictate the mood of your outfit, the blouse is able to instantly turn casual chic into something more demure and sexy.

/3/ The Denim Jacket

The denim jacket has been around since the early 1900s, but was made popular by Bing Cosby and his Canadian Tuxedo. It was the symbol of the working man, and hipsters from way-back-when adopted it as their own to rebel against the materialistic views that conformed society possessed. Of course, there is a bit of irony now that the denim jacket is now seen everywhere and donned by everyone.

The great thing about the denim jacket is how the style holds up with time, so you don't need to worry about whether or not it will go out of "style." The durability of this jacket also extends to the material it is made of as well. Denim is extremely resilient and you can bet it will hold up pretty well in your wardrobe no matter how much stress you put it through.

/4/ The Leather Jacket

The perfect leather jacket is always the hardest thing to find, but don't give up hope! Trust me when I say that once you do find The One, you won't regret a thing. Your search will be hindered more so if you decide to purchase genuine leather. If you decide to go down that road I would recommend looking in opshops for a reclaimed leather jacket. Not only is it better for the environment, but will probably be a cheaper option for you as well.

The leather jackets add instant edge to your outfit, and is a great statement piece of you're not 100% feeling your ensemble. Just like the denim jacket, it has stood the test of time and you won't need to worry about needing to replace it when the next season arrives.

/5/ The Blazer

As you can tell, white is my more preferred colour (or shade). The reason for this is because monochromatic palettes make it so easy to mix and match, which is perfect if you only have the basic foundation of your wardrobe sorted. I added the blazer to this list because some occasions will call for an outfit that is a little more corporate or for an event where a denim jacket is too casual and a leather jacket is too harsh. That's not to mean you can't wear your blazer casually with a pair of jeans, or a dress.

Tailoring is always a good option if you want to construct the perfect blazer. You want it to reach your hips, or just below your waist if you're short like me. The sleeves should reach your wrists and not any further, and should be loose enough to roll up the sleeves of as well in a similar style to the blouse. It should taper in at your waist to give your body shape some definition as it's easy to loose your silhouette underneath layers.

/6/ The Perfect Jeans

I mentioned earlier that I prefer my bottoms to be quite tight, and this usually extends to the jeans I wear. My go-to jeans is this pair of black skinny jeans that are mid-rise, this allows me to tuck my tops inside the waist band without the hemline beginning too high. The reason why I chose black or your standard blue denim wash is because I find black more flattering and I'm able to wear more colours with them.

Now that I've told you about my favourite jeans, I'm going to tell you how to find your perfect cut. I know there are a lot of guides out there telling you which jeans are the best for your body type. Take those guides with a grain of salt and don't think that they are the be all and end all. Take a bunch of jeans with cuts that are loosely based on what the guides tell you and do a bit of trial and error before you decide which jeans you think flatter your body the most.

/7/ The Little Black Dress

The LBD doesn't need an introduction now, does it? This timeless piece has been worn by ladies for decades, and there's a reason why it has never gone out of style. Black is the most slimming colour anyone can wear since they don't create any unnecessary shadows that may unflatter your figure. Not only that, but they are suitable for all occasions - from cocktail parties to weddings. As a rule of thumb, the most perfect length would be to where your fingertips fall if you place your palm just under your butt.

/8/ The Nude Flat

The reason why I chose a nude flat or black ones is the same reason why I haven't included any high heels in this article. Heels are not practical for everyday wear and therefore can't be included in your basics unless you're a goddess who can stand in heels for an indefinite amount of time. If that's the case then I envy you, and wished I was you. Flats, on other hand, are comfortable and if you're able to find a pair similar to your skin tone, they can elongate your legs in a similar way that high heels can.

Nude flats will create a leading line down your legs to the end of your feet as opposed to cutting you off at the ankle like black flats will do. You can even amp up this effect by going for a more pointed toe flat.

/9/ The Boot

I've been wearing boots since as long as I can remember, dating back to my tomboy days, and they're something that hasn't left me. The boot is an excellent transeasonal piece as you can wear it to protect your feet during the colder months, but you can still wear them during spring with dresses and skirts to give your outfit a boy-ish edge, given that you didn't choose winter boots to be your staple. If you're not a fan of the masculinity of the combat boot like I have pictured above, some Chelsea boots might be right up your alley, or anything with a higher heel to add some femininity.

/10/ The Timepiece

Ever since I've had a mobile phone, I've never had a need for a watch since it already acted as my time piece. However, ever since I bought my first watch, I now feel naked if I leave the house without one. Instead of having to dig through my purse to find my phone, I can now look down swiftly at my wrist and know the time. Convenience aside, a watch also makes a great accessory if you don't have much time in the morning to mix and match. It's big enough to make a statement, but small enough to not overpower your wrist.

Now that concludes the ten pieces I believe are wardrobe staples.

I hope this guide helped even if it was in a small way, and it has helped you to decide what to include and not include in the your wardrobe as your basic staples. From here you can add other items that complement what you have, and branch out your wardrobe to include some fast fashion pieces and even some more seasonal items.


Part I - The Drive and A Mountain

On the 16th of October, Jeff and I embarked on a short four day road trip towards Albany without many intentions at all. We didn't plan anything except the general direction we wanted to go, which is how I like to plan my travel adventures just for an added bit of spontaneity. We left Perth at around 10AM and began driving south-east, intending to reach Albany at 2PM. However, we got sidetracked by a sign that promised "Giant Ram." Australia has this obsession with big things, and I've yet to see any of them so we took a detour to see this fabled ram.

Isn't he magnificent? Thinking that would be our only detour, we trekked on. Until we noticed a strangely flat, white surface to the right of the road as we were driving along. We pulled over to the side of the road to take a closer look at what was there. Turns out we landed on the moon!

Just kidding, it was actually a giant lake made entirely of salt. We took a few photos and tried walking towards the other side of the lake, however the salt wasn't as densely packed as I thought it was towards the centre of the lake, and my foot fell through the salt and into the black dirt underneath. I suppose that was our sign to leave and continue our journey towards the south.

By this time we were getting hungry so we stopped in a small town and into a pub for lunch.

And took some photos next to a set of train tracks (which you'll get to see later), and then went back onto the road.

Trust me when I say that this was the point where it would be a straight journey to our Airbnb, but alas, it was not to be. We were so used to seeing the blue sky, red dirt, and green trees, that the instant we saw a peek of pink from the corner of our eyes, we knew it had to be something good.

We both thought that we would have to take the five hour drive from Albany to Esperance to see a Pink Lake, so it was a great surprise when we noticed this one, although it is margins smaller than the one in Esperance. We spent a short while there admiring the distinct colour and I was trying to convince Jeff to lick the salt but to no avail.

Disappointed that he wouldn't taste it, we went back to the car and finally reached Albany at 4:20PM, nearly two and half hours later than we expected.

After resting for a little while, Jeff urged me not to take a nap and for us to drive down to the beach and have a little adventure there. Unfortunately, we didn't bring our cameras out so there are no photos of that, but the water was clear and the sand very soft and white. I did bring my small point and shoot though, so you can see what I mean in my vlog that I will be finishing with editing soon and will have that up.

The next day we went to eat breakfast at York St Cafe, which was delicious. I had the waffles and I was very surprised by how crisp the outside was, but how soft the batter was. We also spied this cute dog riding on the back of a motorcycle wearing a visor and sunglasses - so cute. I know you can barely see it in the photo below, but I'm hoping that you can just imagine it.

Below are a few shots we took of Albany before we left. Unfortunately, we weren't there for long enough to enjoy the city and take better photos. Albany was definitely a beautiful place to be and I'm looking forward to the next time we come here so I can enjoy it a little bit more by spending more than half a day there.

Day two consisted of us making our way north again to The Stirling Ranges, we intended to camp a night and hike up a mountain. There were so many different mountains to choose from, and I'm not too sure which ones are pictures below, but how amazing do they look from afar?

It looks even better when you're standing on top of one. We hiked up Mt Trio, simply because we planned to stay at a camp site near there. The more popular of the mountains would be Bluff Knoll, so we've put that one on our list of mountains to climb next time we are here.

It was a hard hike as it was a lot steeper than we anticipated. Let's just say that I'm glad I've been doing a bit of exercise before going on this road trip. We had to stop a few times for a break from the sun, but that didn't stop the relentless flies that were pestering us. I would recommend going in the early morning or early evening, just so that you don't have the sun beating down on your face and hopefully there would be less flies.

After conquering Mt Trio, we made our way to the camp site. We got a little lost, but we ended up there okay.

Although we had a gas cooker, we also made a small fire because I've never been camping before and have never actually made my own fire pit. We also had marshmallows to toast, and it was probably a healthier option to roast them over a genuine fire pit than over a gas cooker.

The next morning we cooked up the last of our sausages, bacon and eggs and continued towards day three.