Part II - Just Hold On We're Going Home

Day three, we said good morning to some cute cows staring at us blankly from the side of the road. I was adamant that we head west to Denmark, because I've seen so many beautiful photos of the place but there wasn't really anywhere that I wanted to go specifically. Once we got into town, we made a stop to a supermarket to replenish our supplies (i.e. coke for Jeff, and snacks for me). I also quickly searched "Things to do in Denmark," as a last ditch effort to find out what to do there with my limited internet.

Below is the picturesque place called Greens Pool. The water was even clearer than I remember it being in Albany, and the sand felt even softer under my feet. The sky reflecting off the ocean was also so, so blue that I couldn't believe what I was seeing was for real. Unfortunately, neither of us brought our swimming gear with us, but the water was freezing cold that I don't know if we would've been able to stand being in that water anyway.

There was also a sign next to Greens Pool directing us that to our left was Waterfall Beach. Now, who could pass up a name like that? I like waterfalls as much as the next person. Imagine our surprise when we found the "waterfall." You can see it in the second photo, and it was tiny! I'm a short person, but it was even shorter than I am. We were sure that fresh water was flowing from it though, and I really enjoyed the marbling effect the water made on the sand towards the ocean.

Next we went to the Valley of the Giants, home to the gloriously giant trees near Denmark. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Grandmother Willow in person as well.

At this point, it was getting quite late and we wanted to make it to Margaret River before sun down simply because I didn't want Jeff to be driving 110 km/hr in the dark. We managed to make it there at around 5PM, where we settled down and had a shower before heading off to dinner. This was also the one night I forget to bring my ID, and ask to be carded at a restaurant/bar. And that's the story of how I was denied a glass of prosecco with my dinner, and I made fun of Jeff - who was allowed some white wine - that it must've looked like he was dating someone underage. He wasn't happy.

The next morning we ate breakfast at a cafe I unfortunately can't remember the name of.

Then we filled the car back up with petrol and made our way north back to Perth.

But not before we visited a couple of wineries to taste what they had to offer. First we went to Leeuwin Estate, which I always remember as having a very beautiful venue. I wasn't disappointed, and proceeded to take many photos.

Next we went to Voyager Estate, only because I make it a point to visit this winery every time I come down to Margaret River because of it's beautiful gardens. We didn't taste any wine, but that wasn't the point of this detour.

Our last stop was The Watershed winery. I know, it seems like we were a bit rushed for time but that's because we were. Also because we couldn't risk drinking too much when we had a long drive home ahead.

After this, we finally turned to go home, and made it home in one piece. Of course, the rest of our adventure was spent mainly in the car so I have no awesome photos to show you guys from that.

I hope you enjoyed coming on this journey with me through my photos, and I'm looking forward to the next time I can share my travel stories with you.



  1. Gorrrrrrgeous post, the photos are divine! Waterfall beach looks like my type of place!
    x x
    The detailing on that blazer is so luxurious!
    Matches perfectly with those heels!
    x x

  2. PS! Sorry hahaha I pasted my link and it had the previous comment I left on a different blog!
    x x

  3. beautiful view. looks so realaxing