Think Pink

I'm surprised that my black bomber jacket hasn't made an appearance on this blog yet due to the number of days a week that I wear it. It's because of this exact reasoning that I decided that I needed another one! I've seen a lot of khaki ones, and as much as I like it I didn't want to get a colour that a hundred of other people are wearing as well.

After tossing up between a navy bomber and a baby pink bomber - this one took the cake.

Finding a pink bomber was as hard as you think it would be, especially since I was very picky about what shade I wanted and what sort of texture it had. After strolling into Forever New (where I also bought my black bomber), I spotted this pink one and decided that I needed to get it as well.

This also makes another milestone of mine: buying the same thing in two different colours. Apart from cardigans and basic shirts, I've never done this before!

Forever New bomber jacket / Dotti bralette / All About Eve culottes / Nine West heels


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