Sweater Weather

Okay, so we're more than halfway through September and although I didn't have high hopes for it, spring weather still hasn't fully emerged from behind the grey clouds that are still hanging in the sky. However! The bright side (literally) is that there are some days that have been a little warmer than usual and I take full advantage of that by letting my legs see the world for a brief moment. Of course, it wasn't warm enough to forgo a sweater, so I threw on this burgundy sweater begrudgingly and called it a day because after all, it is still sweater weather.

Don't get me wrong, I love sweaters and all things winter, but is it too much to ask for a little sunshine? I'm lacking some vitamin D. Anyone else have a the same sentiments?

Sweater: Malaysia // Shorts: Tobi.com // Boots: Bett For Her
Necklace: Lovisa // Hat: Cotton On
Photography by Monica


  1. I really love your style! Your boties are so perfect for this fall and the leather shorts are amazing!

    Messy Blonde | Bloglovin

    1. Thanks! These leather shorts are my favourite things ever for autumn and winter :) I'm just sad I can't get much wear out of it during the warmer seasons haha

  2. How incredible is the weather now?! Can't wait for summer!
    Love the leather / burgandy combo you have going on here. Leather shorts and a sweater are one of my all time favourite outfits! ;)

    Ashleigh x

    1. Thanks, lovely. You're too kind :)
      I'm soo excited to go to the beach now that I won't be freezing my butt off!