Araluen Botanical Garden

One of my favourite things to do is to play tourist in my hometown. It started after I took notice of how so many people living in Perth declared how boring this small city is and how it has nothing to offer. Personally, I love my city. I love it's laidback lifestyle and how it is has so many hidden gems scattered around the suburbs and not just condensed into our, admittedly, small central business district. So this brings us to one of my weekend adventures to Araluen Botanical Garden in Roleystone, about a 45 minute drive from Perth. It's a place I've been meaning to visit for the longest time but every time the opportunity arose, it was always winter time - not exactly the ideal season to go flower hunting. Now that spring is slowly breaking through and the weather is starting to warm up, it seems like a good time to finally make the drive.

As you can tell, the tulips were in full bloom when we arrived, and they were absolutely beautiful! I'm definitely less of a rose girl and more into the colourful tulips, and I let my partner know this too. But this should be enough talking from me because a picture is worth a thousand words, does it not? So scroll down at your leisure and enjoy the beauty that Perth can present to you.

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