General Uniform

Jacket: Dotti // Flannel: Bardot // Skirt: Somewhere in Singapore // Tights: ASOS 
 Boots: Betts for Her // Bag: Alexander Wang

Ever have those days where you open your closet, glance over at the coagulated mess of colour sitting inside, and reach in to try detangling a sleeve from another? But as you're wrestling each shirt from each other it finally dawns on you, You have absolutely no clothes to wear, because despite the hoards of t-shirts, blouses, coats and jeans you have accumulated over the past few years, nothing is worthy enough to sit upon your naked skin.

Yeah, I get that a lot.

So when I was faced with that dilemma before going to brunch, I opted for my uniform: one of my many white v-necks (they're all the same, but different), a skater skirt, and boots. This never fails to start me off with a good foundation to either dress up or down depending on the occasion. In this case, it was super cold and windy, so I went for a trusty denim jacket and tights, with an extra flannel layered underneath to really cut through that iciness.

If you don't have a general uniform, you need one. Trust me!


  1. Such a great go to outfit! And I totally agree with you ... every white v neck is SO different! must. have. them. all.

    1. Yes! And every closet needs one in every colour :P